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I have returned all your money.

翻译成英语是:I want a full refund,见下图翻译

Application of drawback Dear Amazon's cloud servicesCompany, My credit card has been charged forUSD53.57 for service charge of one month by your company on 3 Dec, 2015. Untilthis, I didn’t recognize that I have an account at Am...

RT, to be able to distinguish between return money and a refund. Return money refers to return money to a user's member account. A refund is refers to the offline refund cash to the user, and then member account deduct money.

I submitted the application for refund. Please confirm. Thanks.

基本释义 refund纠错 英 [ˈriːfʌnd]  美 [ˈrifʌnd]  vi. 退还;偿还,归还vt. 退还;偿还;付还n. 退款;偿还,偿还额 柯林斯英汉双解大辞典 refund  CET6 [ refunding refun...

Dear, if in August 20, if haven't received your package. Please write and tell me.I will for you to send a new product by registered mail, or you can apply for a refund, I will give you a refund, thank you. 望采纳

Thank you for your e-mail. I would like to have the refund to my other accounts in your website and I would like to use them next time. 因为他用的是Or,也就是说你是两者选其一,所以,不用说你不要重新发货的事了。


Can you help me check if my refund process has been in the process ?

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