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We will refund the money. 望采纳。

I have returned all your money.

RT, to be able to distinguish between return money and a refund. Return money refers to return money to a user's member account. A refund is refers to the offline refund cash to the user, and then member account deduct money.

I would like to claim for refund. Please let me know where I could approach.

Dear, if in August 20, if haven't received your package. Please write and tell me.I will for you to send a new product by registered mail, or you can apply for a refund, I will give you a refund, thank you. 望采纳

I submitted the application for refund. Please confirm. Thanks.

application of refund 名词词组,退款申请 apply for refund 动词词组,申请退款

Application of drawback Dear Amazon's cloud servicesCompany, My credit card has been charged forUSD53.57 for service charge of one month by your company on 3 Dec, 2015. Untilthis, I didn’t recognize that I have an account at Am...

Can you help me check if my refund process has been in the process ?


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